If you enjoyed one of our classes or workshops, please consider donating to help support us! Anything that isn't used to cover the operating costs will be donated to charity. 

Thank you!

How Do I Donate?

You can donate either through Venmo or Paypal. Please be sure to include your name and your child's name so we know who to thank!

(For tutoring, please put "(Student Name) Tutoring For (Month)" as the message)

Paypal: jack.brightmoonfoundation@gmail.com
Venmo: jack.brightmoonfoundation@gmail.com

Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

Yes, there is! You could help spread the word about our non-profit by adding people to the WeChat group or by sending them our website.​ 

Additionally, you can also have your company match your donation (if eligible)! Many companies match their employee's donations to a non-profit organization. Follow these easy steps below:

1) Make a donation for your company to match. We appreciate it!
2) Submit a matching gift request to your employer
3) Sit back and wait for an email from us asking how you want to be recognized for your generosity!