501(c)(3) Student-Run Nonprofit


Our goal is to provide educational opportunities to younger students. Here on our website, you can access and register for our online classes, workshops, and tutoring sessions.


Who We Are

We are a student-run nonprofit for students. We focus on giving everyone an equal opportunity to access education. In addition to all of our courses, our volunteer teacher positions allow those who fill them to learn valuable leadership, organizational, and communication skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform for students to access classes that will help sharpen their academic skills and build on their passions. With classes dedicated to hobbies and interests in addition to traditional school subjects, there is something for all students! 


"He's so lucky to have you guys help him sharpen his writing skills in such a relaxing and fun atmosphere. He enjoyed every single class"

- Parent

About the Writing Class

"She was very excited to join your class every week. After class, she always talked about you three :) I can feel her happiness and love!."

- Parent

About the Writing Class

"Thank you for your feedback and encouragement. [Student] enjoyed your class very much. [We] really appreciate your and your team's coaching."

- Parent

About the Writing Class

Interested in Our Classes?

We offer a variety of free, online courses throughout the school year!


Want to Join Us?

We're always more than happy to have passionate, dedicated, and motivated students join us as teachers! Find out what it takes to become a teacher at the Brightmoon Foundation